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Alutiiq Storybook

The Alutiiq Basic Storybook series is a great way to learn everyday words and short sentences.


Guangnek Atkukutaartua - I Can Dress Myself
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KIWA Interactive Books

Download interactive books from the App Store onto your iPad. More titles will be added shortly! To find these books, go to the App Store on your iPad and search "Native Village of Afognak."



Dictionary Flash Card

Featured Alutiiq word is


Meaning: baby

The featured word is made possible through an Alaska Humanities Forum grant and Afognak Native Corporation

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 We are getting noticed!

Recently on Keep Talking - The Film's Facebook page, alutiiqlanguage.org got recognized as a resource for learning Alutiiq. Click here to see a link to the Facebook page and read the post about learning Alutiiq in Spain. Alvaro, from Barcelona, has been studying Alutiiq at a distance and says: 


"...We are thrilled by the sounds of the words themselves and we enjoy getting to know their roots and meanings." 

Share your story of language learning on Alutiiq Language Speakers & Learners' Facebook page. Or visit the Facebook page to find out what other learners and speakers are doing. Click here for a link. 



 Alutiit Atuutet: Alutiiq Songs of the Kodiak Archipelago    

 We are proud to announce our Alutiiq Songbook! This book features traditional and contemporary Alutiiq songs including sheet music and lyrics for each song. To use the Songbook, either click here or visit our Songs tab. Special thanks to author Peter Squartsoff and Quyanaa to all who contributed to this project. Stay posted for an iBooks edition coming soon!


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