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Kodiak Alutiiq Dictionary

We are pleased to share this online dictionary. The dictionary is a work in progress and we appreciate your patience.

Search our on-line dictionary for common words, a specific word you are interested in learning, or review an entire category of words. Click the Alutiiq word to see a flashcard with an image and audio clip.

If you are unable to hear the audio files for some of the words, try a different browser. The dictionary works best when using Mozilla.

If searching in Alutiiq for a word that contains a "Russian R", enter this character as alt-r or option-r on your keyboard.

Also try searching the Word Wiinaq, an online dictionary developed by Alutiiq language learner Will Monroe. The online dictionary allows you to see how words change when pluralized or possessed. Keep in mind that this resource is also a work in progress and words found should always be checked with a speaker. 


Word Search
English   Alutiiq North Alutiiq South Category Function
aswarwiqllukek confronting it, they two are (lost word)    Physical Actions  Verb 
ate it, s/he probably pitullruma  pitullruma  Body & Health, Physi...  Verb 
ATM; automated teller machine akirsurwik  akirsurwik  Numbers & Time  Noun 
August; Berry Moon Alagnat Iraluat  Alagnat Iraluat  Numbers & Time  Noun 
aunt, maternal acaa(q)  acaa(q)  People & Roles  Noun 
aunt, paternal anaanaa(q)  anaanaa(q)  People & Roles  Noun 
awl; punch (tool) siilagkaq (N); siilaq  siilaq  Community & Work  Noun 
axe tupuuRuq  tupuuRuq  Community & Work  Noun 
baby paipiq  piipiq  People & Roles  Noun 
baby carliaq  carliaq  People & Roles  Noun 
baby blanket carliam ulia  carliam ulia  Household  Noun 
baby carriage carliam taac'kaa'a  carliam taac'kaa'a  Household  Noun 
baby, her/his carlia; carliani  carlia; carliani  People & Roles  Noun 
baby, my carliaqa  carliaqa  People & Roles  Noun 
baby, your carlian  carlian  People & Roles  Noun 
baby's things carliam caqait  carliam caqait  Household  Noun 
babysitting him, s/he is carlia'araa  carlia'araa  Community & Work  Verb 
back (of body) pequq  pequq  Body & Health  Noun 
back of body tunuq  tunuq  Body & Health  Noun 
backpack; pack atmak  atmak  Transportation  Noun 
backwards; to the back kingutmen  kingutmen  Physical Actions  Adverb 
bacon, slices of paikinat  piikinat  Food & Kitchen  Noun 
bad, it is; good, it is not asiituq  asiituq  Qualities  Verb 
bag, small misuungcuk  misuungcuk  Clothing & Regalia  Noun 
bait narya'aq  narya'aq  Community & Work  Noun 
baker stRaapai  uucista  People & Roles  Noun 
baking soda pugsuut'ruaq  pugsuut'ruaq  Food & Kitchen  Noun 
baking, s/he is stRaapairtuq    Food & Kitchen  Verb 
ball mayaciik  mayaciik  Communication & Arts  Noun 
bandage patuciq  patuciq  Body & Health  Noun 
bank (financial institution) akirwik  akirwik  Numbers & Time  Noun 
bank; storage place qumlurwiat  qumlurwiat  Numbers & Time  Noun 
banker akirwigta  akirwigta  Community & Work, Pe...  Noun 
banya; steambath house maqiwik  maqiwik  Body & Health, House...  Noun 
barber; hairstylist sushnga’ista  sushnga’ista  Community & Work, Pe...  Noun 
barbershop; hair salon sushngawik  sushngawik  Placenames, Environm...  Noun 
barista kaufialista  kuugialista; kuufialista  People & Roles  Noun 
barnacle   qauq  Animals  Noun 
barnacles qaugtat  qaugtat  Animals  Noun 
barrel puckaaq  puckaaq  Community & Work  Noun 
baseball (traditiona... laptuuk  laptuuk; mayaciik  Communication & Arts  Noun 
bat, baseball piq'rquutaq  piq'ruutaq  Communication & Arts  Noun 
bat, brown keneryaq  keneryaq  Animals  Noun 
bath, take a (command) maqiyaa  maqiyaa  Household, Physical ...  Verb 
bathing, s/he was steam maqillria  maqillia  Body & Health, Physi...  Verb 
bathroom, I am searc... nuus'hnirsurtua  nuus'hnirsurtua  Body & Health, Greet...  Verb 
bathroom, I need to use the nuus'hnircugtua  nuus'hnircugtua  Body & Health, Greet...  Verb 
bathroom, I want to use the nuus'hniryugtua  nuus'hniryugtua  Body & Health, Greet...  Verb 
bathroom, in the nuus'hniigmi  nuus'hniigmi  Household, Environme...  Locative 
bathroom; outhouse nuus'hniik  nuus'hniik  Household  Noun 
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