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Kodiak Alutiiq Dictionary

We are pleased to share this online dictionary. The dictionary is a work in progress and we appreciate your patience.

Search our on-line dictionary for common words, a specific word you are interested in learning, or review an entire category of words. Click the Alutiiq word to see a flashcard with an image and audio clip.

If you are unable to hear the audio files for some of the words, try a different browser. The dictionary works best when using Mozilla.

If searching in Alutiiq for a word that contains a "Russian R", enter this character as alt-r or option-r on your keyboard.

Also try searching the Word Wiinaq, an online dictionary developed by Alutiiq language learner Will Monroe. The online dictionary allows you to see how words change when pluralized or possessed. Keep in mind that this resource is also a work in progress and words found should always be checked with a speaker. 


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English   Alutiiq North Alutiiq South Category Function
animals unguwallriat  unguwallriat  Animals  Noun 
barnacle   qauq  Animals  Noun 
barnacles qaugtat  qaugtat  Animals  Noun 
bat, brown keneryaq  keneryaq  Animals  Noun 
beak cug'eq  cug'eq  Animals  Noun 
bear, Kodiak brown taquka'aq  taquka'aq  Animals  Noun 
bear, large/big brown taquka'asinaq  taquka'asinaq  Animals  Noun 
bear, small brown taquka'angcuk  taquka'angcuk  Animals  Noun 
beaver paluqtaq  paluqtaq  Animals  Noun 
bee, bumble uuqutiiq  uuqutiiq  Animals  Noun 
bird saqullkaaq; saqullkanaq  saqullkaaq; saqullkanaq  Animals  Noun 
bugs; worms kingut  kingut  Animals  Noun 
bullhead (fish) kayuRuq  kayuluk; kaluyuk  Animals  Noun 
butterfly papaac'kaaq  saqalngatak  Animals  Noun 
cat kuskaq  kuskaq  Animals  Noun 
chicken (farm animal) kuuRit'saaq  kuuRicaaq  Animals, Food & Kitc...  Noun 
chiton; bidarkie uriitaq  uriitaq  Animals, Food & Kitc...  Noun 
clam; cockle mamaayaq  mamaayaq; qahmaquq  Animals  Noun 
clam shell mamaayam salaa  mamaayam salaa  Animals  Noun 
cockroach (kind of l... parutuyuguaq  parutuyuguaq  Animals  Noun 
cod amutaq  amutaq  Animals, Food & Kitc...  Noun 
cormorant agasuuq  agasuuq  Animals  Noun 
cow kuRuwaq  kuRuwaq  Animals  Noun 
crab sakuuq; iwalrayak  sakuuq  Animals, Food & Kitc...  Noun 
daddy longlegs spider sukunuuk  sukunuuk  Animals  Noun 
deer; caribou tuntuq (1); tuntuk (2); tuntut (3+)  tuntuq (1); tuntuk (2); tuntut (3+)  Animals, Food & Kitc...  Noun 
dog aikuq; sapaka(q)  piugta  Animals  Noun 
dove qulupiaq  qulupiaq  Animals  Noun 
dragonfly cilrayuk  cilrayuk  Animals  Noun 
duck saqul'aaq  saqul'aaq  Animals, Food & Kitc...  Noun 
eagle kum'agyak  kum'agyak  Animals  Noun 
elk cirunertulik  cirunertulik  Animals, Food & Kitc...  Noun 
feather; quill culuk  culuk  Animals, Clothing & ...  Noun 
female (animal) arnaqiitak  arnaqiitak  Animals  Noun 
fin aruluk  aruluk  Animals  Noun 
flounder; starry flounder waa'uq  waa'uq  Animals  Noun 
fly (bug) ciiwaq  ciiwaq  Animals  Noun 
foot; flipper itgaq  itgaq  Animals, Body & Heal...  Noun 
fox kaugya'aq  kaugya'aq  Animals  Noun 
gathering bidarkis, I'm uriitarsurtua  uriitarsurtua  Animals, Food & Kitc...  Verb 
gill, fish pacik; pasik  pacik; pasik  Animals  Noun 
goose; Canadian goose lagiq  lagiq  Animals  Noun 
gutting it, s/he is qiluigaa  qiluigaa  Animals, Community &...  Verb 
halibut sagiq  sagiq  Animals, Food & Kitc...  Noun 
hawk aarulik  aarulik  Animals  Noun 
horse kuuniq  kuuniq  Animals  Noun 
hunting, s/he was pisullria  pisullia  Animals, Community &...  Verb 
jellyfish iraluruaq  iraluruaq  Animals  Noun 
killer whale; orca arlluk  arlluk  Animals  Noun 
kingfisher uguusirpak  uguusirpak  Animals  Noun 
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