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Kodiak Alutiiq Dictionary

We are pleased to share this online dictionary. The dictionary is a work in progress and we appreciate your patience.

Search our on-line dictionary for common words, a specific word you are interested in learning, or review an entire category of words. Click the Alutiiq word to see a flashcard with an image and audio clip.

If you are unable to hear the audio files for some of the words, try a different browser. The dictionary works best when using Mozilla.

If searching in Alutiiq for a word that contains a "Russian R", enter this character as alt-r or option-r on your keyboard.

Also try searching the Word Wiinaq, an online dictionary developed by Alutiiq language learner Will Monroe. The online dictionary allows you to see how words change when pluralized or possessed. Keep in mind that this resource is also a work in progress and words found should always be checked with a speaker. 


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English   Alutiiq North Alutiiq South Category Function
barnacle   qauq  Animals  Noun 
berry pudding   iriiyaq  Food & Kitchen  Noun 
cowlick   tatek  Body & Health  Noun 
drill   napaaliaq  Community & Work  Noun 
enclosure (fence)   saputaq  Household  Noun 
loon   tuullek  Animals  Noun 
nose; nostrils (like...   paciguak  Body & Health  Noun 
small black bird with red bill   cuwaq  Animals  Noun 
tools   aulutautet  Community & Work  Noun 
try it (command)   taqu'ru  Greetings & Expressi...  Verb 
try me!   taqu'nga  Greetings & Expressi...  Verb 
want to..., if you   piucikut  Greetings & Expressi...  Verb 
whirlpool; eddy   wiiwat  Environment & Locati...  Noun 
midwife   sugkwa'ista  People & Roles  Noun 
kindling Rastuup'kaat  aRastuup'kaat  Household, Community...  Noun 
rice (plural) Riisaq  Riisaq  Food & Kitchen  Noun 
rhubarb, domestic Riwenaq  Riwenaq  Food & Kitchen, Vege...  Noun 
measuring tape Rulaq    Community & Work  Noun 
doorknob Ruuc'kaaq  Ruuc'kaaq  Household  Noun 
rope aRafkuq  iRufkuq  Transportation  Noun 
boots, rubber; hip b... aRapak  aRapak  Clothing & Regalia  Noun 
condom aRaparuaq  aRaparuaq  Household  Noun 
boat rudder aRulaq  aRulaq  Transportation  Noun 
oh! ah!; oh my aa-aa'i  aa-aa'i  Greetings & Expressi...  Other 
yes aa'a  aa'a  Greetings & Expressi...  Other 
poor thing; pitiful one aa’inguall’raq  aa’inguall’raq  Greetings & Expressi...  Complex 
sister, oldest aakaa(q)  aakaa(q)  People & Roles  Noun 
nurse, she is letting him/her aamaart'staa  amaaart'staa  Physical Actions  Verb 
bra, nursing aamarsuutek  aamarsuutek  Clothing & Regalia  Noun 
salmon, king aamasuuk  aamasuuk  Animals  Noun 
bra aamautek  aamautek  Clothing & Regalia  Noun 
mother; mom aana(q); maama(q)  aana(q); maama(q)  People & Roles  Noun 
Mother's Day Aanam Ernera  Aanam Ernera  Community & Work  Noun 
alphabet; letters aapit  aapit  Communication & Arts  Noun 
otter, land aaquyaq  aaquyaq  Animals  Noun 
liver aarit  aarit  Body & Health  Noun 
hawk aarulik  aarulik  Animals  Noun 
waffle maker; waffle... aat'kiirualisuun  aat'kiirualisuun  Food & Kitchen  Noun 
pancakes; hotcakes aat'kiit; aat'kiiget  aat'kiit; aat'kiiget  Food & Kitchen  Noun 
rhubarb, wild aatunaq  aatunaq  Food & Kitchen, Vege...  Noun 
aunt, maternal acaa(q)  acaa(q)  People & Roles  Noun 
under it acaani  acaani  Environment & Locati...  Locative 
put under (command) acaanun  acaanun  Physical Actions  Verb 
go down; get down (command) aciwaa  aciwaa  Physical Actions  Verb 
eyeglasses ackiik  ackiik  Clothing & Regalia  Noun 
vehicles; things that go ag'utet  ag'utet  Transportation  Noun 
Afognak Ag'waneq  Ag'waneq  Placenames  Noun 
hit it, I aga'agaqa  aga'agaqa  Physical Actions  Verb 
cormorant agasuuq  agasuuq  Animals  Noun 
Sunday; Prayer or Feast Day Agayuneq  Agayuneq  Numbers & Time  Noun 
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