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Kodiak Alutiiq Dictionary

We are pleased to share this online dictionary. The dictionary is a work in progress and we appreciate your patience.

Search our on-line dictionary for common words, a specific word you are interested in learning, or review an entire category of words. Click the Alutiiq word to see a flashcard with an image and audio clip.

If you are unable to hear the audio files for some of the words, try a different browser. The dictionary works best when using Mozilla.

If searching in Alutiiq for a word that contains a "Russian R", enter this character as alt-r or option-r on your keyboard.

Also try searching the Word Wiinaq, an online dictionary developed by Alutiiq language learner Will Monroe. The online dictionary allows you to see how words change when pluralized or possessed. Keep in mind that this resource is also a work in progress and words found should always be checked with a speaker. 


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English   Alutiiq North Alutiiq South Category Function
baking, s/he is stRaapairtuq    Food & Kitchen  Verb 
bread, fried; doughnuts lipiausqaq    Food & Kitchen  Noun 
cannery faapRiikaaq    Environment & Locati...  Noun 
dryer, clothes kenercirsuuteq; kinengcirsuuteq    Household  Noun 
file (tool for woodworking) kRiip'kaaq    Community & Work  Noun 
fish, dried baked as'rik    Food & Kitchen  Noun 
jean jacket kalankaaq    Clothing & Regalia  Noun 
mallard nillqataq    Animals  Noun 
measuring tape Rulaq    Community & Work  Noun 
mirror saiRkalaq    Household  Noun 
necklace (beaded) pisiRkaq    Clothing & Regalia  Noun 
getting old, he/she/it is angut'ngautuq    Body & Health, Quali...  Verb 
pilot nunalek    People & Roles  Noun 
pliers puksuutek    Community & Work  Noun 
porch tuullitaq    Household  Noun 
razor; shaver pRei'irsuuteq    Household  Noun 
salt sauliq    Food & Kitchen  Noun 
same, they are all the ayuqutut or ayukutut    Qualities  Verb 
sea quail kunuriyuq    Animals  Noun 
shaving, s/he is pRei'irtuq    Physical Actions  Verb 
sparrow, golden eye kuukuuliiq    Animals  Noun 
spool pulaugkaq    Household, Clothing ...  Noun 
star (celestial) mit'aq    Weather  Noun 
suitcase suut'kais'kaq    Transportation  Noun 
teacher uciitilaq    People & Roles  Noun 
uncle tiyatia    People & Roles  Noun 
washboard pRiac'kat    Household  Noun 
washcloth ermiutaq    Household  Noun 
our way of life luumacirpet    Community & Work, Pe...  Noun 
weatherman llaatesurta (lost word)    People & Roles  Noun 
fish, filleted halve... kac'amaasaq (lost word)    Food & Kitchen  Noun 
eat fish head nasqua'arluni (lost word)    Food & Kitchen, Phys...  Verb 
potty; chamberpot; t... qaaluq (lost word)    Household  Noun 
river going up to a ... Agiaq (lost word)    Placenames, Environm...  Noun 
shroud; octopus skin... sagayak (lost word)    Clothing & Regalia  Noun 
coming up for air, it is puskuq (lost word)    Animals, Physical Ac...  Verb 
coming up for air puskuluni (lost word)    Animals, Physical Ac...  Verb 
charge at a person, to cu'ukarluku (lost word)    Animals, Physical Ac...  Verb 
sculpin (fish) kala'aq (lost word)    Animals, Food & Kitc...  Noun 
fish, salted sulunaq (lost word)    Food & Kitchen  Noun 
boss around piuluni (lost word)    Community & Work, Ph...  Verb 
eke out an existence, we naamacuarluci (lost word)    Community & Work  Verb 
infectious disease suarniliq (lost word)    Body & Health  Noun 
whale breast, carved uniinaq (lost word)    Animals  Noun 
untouchable masanasqaq (lost word)    Body & Health  Noun 
handbarrow; hand-barrel nasiilekaaq (lost word)    Household, Community...  Noun 
sandflea; jumping jack kumikaq (lost word)    Animals  Noun 
holy water switiiq (lost word)    Body & Health, Commu...  Noun 
blessing it with hol... switiirluku (lost word)    Body & Health, Physi...  Verb 
nightmare uqamai'a'uq (lost word)    Physical Actions  Verb 
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