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Kodiak Alutiiq Dictionary

We are pleased to share this online dictionary. The dictionary is a work in progress and we appreciate your patience.

Search our on-line dictionary for common words, a specific word you are interested in learning, or review an entire category of words. Click the Alutiiq word to see a flashcard with an image and audio clip.

If you are unable to hear the audio files for some of the words, try a different browser. The dictionary works best when using Mozilla.

If searching in Alutiiq for a word that contains a "Russian R", enter this character as alt-r or option-r on your keyboard.

Also try searching the Word Wiinaq, an online dictionary developed by Alutiiq language learner Will Monroe. The online dictionary allows you to see how words change when pluralized or possessed. Keep in mind that this resource is also a work in progress and words found should always be checked with a speaker. 


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English   Alutiiq North Alutiiq South Category Function
file (tool for woodworking) kRiip'kaaq    Community & Work  Noun 
measuring tape Rulaq    Community & Work  Noun 
pliers puksuutek    Community & Work  Noun 
our way of life luumacirpet    Community & Work  Noun 
boss around piuluni (lost word)    Community & Work  Verb 
eke out an existence, we naamacuarluci (lost word)    Community & Work  Verb 
handbarrow; hand-barrel nasiilekaaq (lost word)    Community & Work  Noun 
holy water switiiq (lost word)    Community & Work  Noun 
wood, that won't burn (green) quarnaq (lost word)    Community & Work  Noun 
Lent; fasting yagyaturngan (lost word)    Community & Work  Complex 
container for gathering; box taskair'suun (lost word)    Community & Work  Noun 
iron; metal cawik (lost word)    Community & Work  Noun 
singing a unique bab... inqurluki (lost word)    Community & Work  Verb 
snare negaq (lost word)    Community & Work  Noun 
To make a hinge caRniilalirluku    Community & Work  Verb 
kindling Rastuup'kaat  aRastuup'kaat  Community & Work  Noun 
Christmas lights Rausistuam tanqii  ARausistem tanqii  Community & Work  Noun 
Christmas Eve, Russian Rausistuam Maqinra  ARusistuam Maqinra  Community & Work  Noun 
Christmas, Russian Rausistuaq  ARusistuaq  Community & Work  Noun 
Mother's Day Aanam Ernera  Aanam Ernera  Community & Work  Noun 
church agayuwik  agayuwik  Community & Work  Noun 
shake hands (command) aigartuuru  aigartuuru  Community & Work  Verb 
driver aka’uta’ista  aka’uta’ista  Community & Work  Noun 
banker akirwigta  akirwigta  Community & Work  Noun 
wiping it, s/he is allturaa  allturaa  Community & Work  Verb 
skinning it, s/he is amiraa  amiraa  Community & Work  Verb 
try hard, s/he will angli piciiquq  angli piciiquq  Community & Work  Verb 
Veteran's Day (those... Anguyartaallret Ernera  Anguyartaallret Ernera  Community & Work  Noun 
steam arillaq  arillaq  Community & Work  Noun 
fixing it, s/he is asircaraa  asircaraa  Community & Work  Verb 
Father's Day Atam Ernera  Atam Ernera  Community & Work  Noun 
tools   aulutautet  Community & Work  Noun 
harpoon ayaquaq  ayaquaq  Community & Work  Noun 
windmill; turbine cakgwigpak  cakgwigpak  Community & Work  Noun 
dump callr'wik  callr'wik  Community & Work  Noun 
making it, s/he is canagaa  canagaa  Community & Work  Verb 
babysitting him, s/he is carlia'araa  carlia'araa  Community & Work  Verb 
care for someone carlia'arluku  carlia'arluku  Community & Work  Verb 
email (fast paper) cukasqaq kalikaq  cukasqaq kalikaq  Community & Work  Noun 
traditional activities cukllirpet pit'allrit  cukllirpet pit'allrit  Community & Work  Noun 
museum culia'at elwiat  cuumillallret egwiat  Community & Work  Noun 
try a little, s/he will ellma piciiquq  ellma piciiquq  Community & Work  Verb 
gravestone; memorial enqaqutaq  enqaqutaq  Community & Work  Noun 
flag(s) flak (1-2); flaaget (3+)  flak (1-2); flaaget (3+)  Community & Work  Noun 
Halloween (Masks' Day) Giinaruat Ernera  Giinaruat Ernera  Community & Work  Noun 
hose hausaq  hausaq  Community & Work  Noun 
typewriter igarsuun  igarsuun  Community & Work  Noun 
pencil; pen igarsuuteq  igarsuuteq  Community & Work  Noun 
writing, s/he is igartuq  igartuq  Community & Work  Verb 
blackboard; writing place igarwik  igarwik  Community & Work  Noun 
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