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First Words - Early Language Phrases

This lesson group is targeted for families and early childcare providers and educators, but is also good for a starting second language speaker. According to the Teach Me To Talk organization and our own team research these are among the most common English phrases and words first used by toddlers, as appropriate to life on Kodiak Island. We have provided the Alutiiq words and sign language links for each word.

Talk to the babies in your life using sign language and Alutiiq as an important step toward helping them communicate early and helping bring back the Kodiak Alutiiq language into daily usage.

Click on the [ ] Audio buttons next to each Alutiiq word to hear its pronunciation. Click on the [ ] Handsign button to see a short video of the appropriate gesture, either from an Alutiiq community member demonstrating a traditional Alaska Native gesture or from the Handspeak site for American Sign Language.


Social Function Words

Early Pronouns & People

Basic Locations

Basic Descriptions

Early Nouns






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