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Common Action Words


Click on the [ ] Audio buttons next to each Alutiiq word to hear its pronunciation. Click on the [ ] Handsign button to see a short video of the appropriate gesture, either from an Alutiiq community member demonstrating a traditional Alaska Native gesture or from the Handspeak site for American Sign Language.


English Alutiiq Command Alutiiq "I am..." Alutiiq "You are..." Alutiiq "He is..." Sign
eat  Neri!  Nerua.  Neruten. Neruq.   
not eat  Nerenilu!  Neren'itua.  Neren'ituten. Neren'ituq.  
drink  Pituwa!  Piturtua.  Piturtuten.  Piturtuq.  
not drink  Pitunilu!  Pitun'itua.  Pitun'ituten.  Pitun'ituq.  
go  Agi!  Agua.  Aguten.  Aguq.  
not go  Ag'nilu!  Ag'n'itua.  Ag'n'ituten.  Ag'n'ituq.  
stop  Nagten!  Nagtua.  Nagtuten.  Nagtuq.  
not stop  Nagtenilu!  Nagten'itua.  Nagten'ituten.  Nagten'ituq.  
 take  Tuugiu!  Tuuwaqa.  Tuuwan.  Tuuraa.  
 give  Minaru!  Minaqa.  Minan.  Minaraa.  


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