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Katurlita! - Let's All Gather

Weekly Alutiiq Language Opportunities in Kodiak

Join other Alutiiq language learners and fluent speakers to practice the Alutiiq language at the weekly gatherings listed on the Calendar chart below, drop-ins welcome. Find out how you can get more involved by participating in these events or other learning opportunities listed after this chart.

Together we are building a healthy community through our language...

If you are not in Kodiak, seek out other learners and fluent speakers to start gathering in your community
to practice and celebrate the Alutiiq language.


Cisllaat - Calendar

Pekyun Aipi'in Pinga'i'in Staami'in Tallimi'in Maqineq Agayuneq
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Elders Review & Lesson Plan Session
Alutiiq Museum, Downstairs
1:00-3:00 pm
Alutiiq Language Club
Sun'aq Tribe's Conference Room
12:00-1:00 pm
*This is a semi-regular event*

Kicarwigmi Sugpiaq-Alutiiq Yugneret
12:00-2:00 APU, Anchorage











      Weekly Events


Elders Review & Lesson Plan Session

Monday, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. at the Alutiiq Museum

Alutiiq Elders from around Kodiak Island meet each week with Alutiiq language instructors and learners to review teaching resources, practice lesson content, and edit songs, stories and other instructional resources. All learners and speakers are welcome to sit in on the discussions, but be prepared for sustained Alutiiq conversation, as total immersion in Alutiiq is the goal of this session. Please call the Alutiiq Museum for up to date information at (907) 486-7004.


Alutiiq Language Club

Wednesdays, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. at Sun'aq Tribal Conference Room in Kodiak

The Alutiiq Language Club has been meeting since 2003. It is an informal group of learners and Elders who meet every week on Wednesday at noon in the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak meeting room in downtown Kodiak.  All levels of learners and speakers are welcome to attend.  To find out more, contact the Alutiiq Museum at 486-7004, or April Laktonen Counceller. No invitation is needed to participate in Language Club. 


Kicarwigmi Sugpiaq-Alutiiq Yugneret

(On hold until December 2014) Saturday, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. at Alaska Pacific Universtiy, 4101 University Drive, Carr-Gottstein Hall (Pink Building), Room 201, Anchorage: Please call John Yakanak for up to date information 907-764-2694

This is an informal Alutiiq language learning opportunity. This is a fun time to learn Alutiiq for free! It is open to beginners or advanced speakers to gather, learn, and practice. Bring a friend if you can!


       Other Opportunities


Afognak After School Program

October 3, 2014 - November 19, 2014 - Kodiak Public Library (612 Egan Way, Kodiak)

Scheduled for each fall and spring and available to local Native students ages 7-10 years old, to come and participate in the After School Alutiiq Language Program (“Uswillraraat Qipayaat”). Students will learn about the Alutiiq culture and learn to speak the Alutiiq language, taught by local Alutiiq language teacher Susan Malutin. Please call Denise Malutin at 486-6357 for more information to sign up at Native Village of Afognak. The current session is held Wednesdays (3-5), and Fridays (2-4) and the program will run from October 3rd to November 19th 2014.


Dig Afognak

Summer Camp, June-August on Afognak Island (Registration required)

Dig Afognak camp is a cultural education program for our native youth that is geared towards those from Kodiak and our surrounding villages. In addition to revitalizing our Alutiiq culture, ensuring our values and language is a main focus, we take this opportunity to guide our native youth into making positive life choices and giving them the tools necessary to develop and maintain healthy relationships. With each component of our youth camp, we realize it would not be possible without the participation of our respected Elders. We take pride in our camp and approach each year with an understanding of how important it is to keep continuity in the services we provide to our future generation of leaders.
For more information, contact Nancy Nelson at Native Village of Afognak.

Kodiak High School (KHS) Alutiiq Language Classes

(Registration required)

Piloted in January 2011 as a one semester course taught four days a week, the KHS Alutiiq Language I class expanded to a full year course from August 2011 to May 2012. We are now completing our second full year of instruction with Alutiiq I and the first full year of a separate Alutiiq II pilot class. These classes are offered for World Languages high school credit taught by Alutiiq language apprentice instructors Candace Branson and Gayla Pedersen with support and class involvement from a group of fluent Alutiiq Elders and team of other adult learners. Funding for the course is provided through Department of Education Alaska Native Education grants to the Kodiak Island Borough School District and the Native Village of Afognak through a grant from the Administration for Native Americans, as well as support for class resources and fluent Elders from Kodiak Area Native Association, and Koniag, Inc. Plans are to continue developing curriculum to transition to an Alutiiq Language II course so that students can acquire two years of World Language credit in Alutiiq. Questions about the Kodiak High School Class or resources shared from the class can be addressed to Candace Branson at (907) 654-9797 or candacebranson@hotmail.com


Kodiak College (KoC) Alutiiq Language Courses 

(Registration required)

UAA-Kodiak College is now offering introductory courses in the Alutiiq Language that will lead to a Certificate or AA Degree in Alutiiq Studies. Dr. April Laktonen Counceller serves as instructor of these adult language learning opportunities in partnership with Kodiak's tribal organizations and the Alutiiq Museum. Visit Kodiak College's website to verify schedules and to register for Alutiiq 101, Alutiiq 102, and an Alutiiq Orthography class. 


      Special Alutiiq Language Meetings


New Words Council - Nuta'at Niugnelistet

The Nuta’at Niugnelistet (New Word Makers), also known as the Alutiiq New Words Council (NWC) has monthly or bimonthly since 2007 to develop new modern terms in the Kodiak Alutiiq language. It is made up of fluent Elder and learner participants. To learn more about the NWC, contact the Alutiiq Museum at (907) 486-7004, or email their Alutiiq Language Program Manager April Laktonen Counceller.


Qik’rtarmiut Alutiit Regional Language Advisory Committee

The Qik’rtarmiut Alutiit (Alutiiq People of the Island) Regional Language Advisory Committee (known as the “Qik Committee”) started in 2003, and is a grassroots committee made up of representatives from island-wide tribes and organizations, as well as interested Elders and other individuals. The committee meets every few months to guide projects in the language revitalization movement and inform members of project updates and events. To get on the agenda for the next Qik Committee meeting, or to be signed up to the mailing list for meeting announcements, call the Alutiiq Museum at 486-7004, or April Laktonen Counceller.



www.alutiiqlanguage.org is coordinated by Native Village of Afognak with support from the Alaska Humanities Forum, Administration for Native Americans, Native Village of Port Lions, Afognak Native Corporation, Koniag, and the Alutiiq Museum.