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Language Movement History and News

Alutiiq scholars argue that the Alutiiq Renaissance began in 1971. Since then, many projects have focused on various aspects of language revitalization, many people have been involved, and momentum has been building. 


Erinarpet - Our Voices: Weekly Column in the Kodiak Daily Mirror

Each Wednesday, read an article about Alutiiq language history, news and people of interest.  Click here to read from the archive of articles published in the Kodiak Daily Mirror, written by a variety of people involved in the language movement.


Alutiiq Core Values & Cultural Knowledge

Translating from Indigenous languages to English does not make sense. Translations lead to misunderstandings and oversimplification. Click here to learn how to begin exploring an Alutiiq worldview and discover elders who gracefully share their lifeways. 


Language Revitalization

Scholars have explored methods for successful revitalization across the globe. Diving into some of the themes of language revitalizaiton can lead to hours of exploration. Click here to see some techniques and theories that have been drawn from in the effort to revitalize the Alutiiq language. 


Get Involved

Language learners and speakers regularly gather to speak and learn from one another. Click here to find a list of classes and gatherings of other language learners. 




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