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Erinarpet - Our Voices: 

A Weekly Kodiak Daily Mirror Column


Each Wednesday, read an article about Alutiiq language history, news and people of interest.  Click on the titles below to read from the archive of articles published in the Kodiak Daily Mirror, written by a variety of people involved in the language movement.  If you're interested in writing an article for the column, email Alisha Drabek.  

1. What Does Mother Languages Day Mean to You? by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, February 21, 2018
2. Keep Talking - Niugaa, Yugaa Screened at NMAI in DC by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, February 27, 2018
3. KHS Alutiiq I & II Growing New Speakers by Candace "Cutmen" Branson, March 7, 2018
4. An Alutiiq Language Learner's Journey by Candace "Cutmen" Branson, March 14, 2018
5. Heroes of Alutiiq Language History by April "Isiik" Laktonen Counceller, March 21, 2018
6. Reflections of a Parent of a Future Alutiiq Speaker by Hanna "Agasuuq" Sholl, March 28, 2018
7. Honoring Alutiiq Elders: Florence Pestrikoff Inspires Younger Generations by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, April 4, 2018
8. Alutiiq Language Club Builds Enduring Connections by Michael "Nan'itsqaq" Bach, April 11, 2018
9. You Can Read Your Child a Different Book for a Month by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, April 18, 2018
10. Honoring Alutiiq Elders: Mary Haakanson - An Old Harbor Treasure by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, April 25, 2018  
11. Finding "Our" Alutiiq Language Community by Marya "Salirniq" Halvorsen, May 2, 2018
12. What's In a Name: Alutiiq Naming Traditions by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, May 9, 2018 
13. In the Lamp's Glow: Success of Alutiiq Language Graduates Recognized by Libby Pontti Eufemio, May 16, 2018
14. Our Journey to "Keep Talking" by Melissa Borton, May 23, 2018
15. UAF Alaska Native Language Institute an Inspiration by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, May 30, 2018
16. KOC Alutiiq Studies Program Grows Teachers & Speakers by Peggy "Arnangcuk" Azuyak, June 6, 2018
17. Naken-Natmen Increases Access to Alutiiq Resources by Molly Odell, June 13, 2018
18. Making Space for Alutiiq in Our Lives by Teri Schneider, June 20, 2018
19. Alutiiq Immersion Campout by Candace "Cutmen" Branson, June 27, 2018
20. Honoring the Creator of an Alutiiq Rosetta Stone: Ralph Demidoff of Little Afognak by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, July 11, 2018
21. Alutiiq Language: From Learner to Teacher by Raissa Boskofsky, July 17, 2018 
22. First Words in Alutiiq Made Easy by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, July 25, 2018
23. Fox Woman by Julia Fine, August 1, 2018
24. Arts Inspiration - Integrating Alutiiq into Art by Hanna Sholl, August 15, 2018
25. Alutiiq Language Classes Now Available for All Ages by Candace "Cutmen" Branson, August 22, 2018
26. Agnguasqangcut - Tiny Dancers - A Summer Success by Sophie Frets, August 29, 2018
27. Naaqisuut'llani - In Old Books by Dehrich "Isuwiq" Schmidt-Chya, September 5, 2018
28. Honoring Elders: Nick Alokli - A Quiet Consistent Teacher by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, September 12, 2018
29. St. Peter the Aleut - An Inspiration for the Golden Age by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, September 19, 2018
30. Honoring Elders: "JP" Pestrikoff - A Prolific Storyteller by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, October 3, 2018
31. Remembering Alutiiq Leader Benny Benson by Alisha "Agisaq" Drabek, October 10, 2018












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