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Language Resources For Learners

How do you know where to begin? Many learners start with flashcards to grow their vocabulary base, and then move on to forming sentences. 

Belwo are three options for learning basic vocabulary. Download the apps on your phone or iPad to start learning!


Memrise: Learning, made joyful

This free app on either iOS and Android devices makes learning fun. Learners can create, and share their own courses using multimedia flashcards, and compete with friends or family members in their learning goals. 

Download the app and the Alutiiq courses under Native American Languages. Click here to see what courses are available now. You can also learn online if you do not have access to a smart device. 



Another free app for both iOS and Android devices. This application has been used to teach in the High School, and there are a variety of flashcard sets to learn basic vocabulary and language structure. Click here to discover some of the flashcard sets that have already been made. 


Want more resources? 

If you are looking for more resources, click on a topic from the column to the right. There you can find resources organized into themes like, family, weather, or animals. 


www.alutiiqlanguage.org is coordinated by Native Village of Afognak with support from the Alaska Humanities Forum, Administration for Native Americans, Native Village of Port Lions, Afognak Native Corporation, Koniag, and the Alutiiq Museum.