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Aapit - The Alphabet

Check out the Interactive Audio Slides.

There are 26 sounds in the Kodiak Alutiiq language, symbolized using a 26 letter alphabet, as developed by Dr. Jeff Leer at the Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks through his research with Kodiak Alutiiq Elders. He designed the Alutiiq orthography (conventional spelling system) to phonetically represent Alutiiq sounds. Once learners have mastered how to pronounce the Alphabet sounds, reading unfamiliar words in Alutiiq comes more easily.

The alphabet handout at right is from the Alutiiq Picture Dictionary with its source from Dr. Leer's Conversational Dictionary and Classroom Grammar available through the Alutiiq Museum Store. The phrase "Cestun niugcit?" means "How do you say?"





    Alphabet 8" x 11" Cards

    Provided by Native Village of Port Lions Alutiiq Language Program, click here to download a set of the Kodiak Alutiiq alphabet to hang in your classroom.


    Alphabet Song - Aapit Atuun

    Provided by Native Village of Port Lions Alutiiq Language Program, click here to download the words to the Kodiak Alutiiq alphabet song created by Kathy Nelson with assistance from John "JP" Pestrikoff in Port Lions. You can also listen to a practice recording of Aapit Atuun sung at the KHS Alutiiq Language I class.



    Alphabet Study Worksheet

    This one-page study worksheet is designed for learners to practice finding words that start with or use each target letter. The worksheet can be used in conjunction with the Alphabet Poster as a way of self-testing or by seeing how many words they can think of that start with or use that letter.


Interactive Alphabet Lesson

The interactive lesson must be viewed on a flash compatible computer, not an iPad, iPhone or iPod.




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