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Unguwallriat - Animals

Learning the Kodiak Alutiiq names for animals is a fun way for learners to begin using their growing language skills. There are several resources available to teach, learn, and practice animal vocabulary.




    Unguwallriat Yaasiget -

    "Beanie Baby" Animal Box

    An instructional kit for learning local animal names is available on loan through the Alutiiq Museum Language Program. The kit includes beanie baby stuffed animals, animal flash cards, a bingo game, a vocabulary word list, class room activity ideas, and an audio CD with all the Alutiiq words and sentences used in the box. To request access to the Animal Box, please contact the Alutiiq Heritage Foundation at 844-425-8844.


    "Animals" Pages in the Kodiak Alutiiq Picture Dictionary

    Available in its second edition, the Kodiak Alutiiq Picture Dictionary or Qik'rtarmiut Sugpiat Niugneret book contains several pages on animal names in the Kodiak Alutiiq language. Available for individual download are relevant pages on the Animals, including animals of the sea, air, and land, as well as insects. Nunam Unguwallria'i or the Land Animals page is featured above. Bold terms represent the indigenous land mammals to Kodiak Island. The glossary for this book serves as the basis for the Online Alutiiq Dictionary launched through this site, which includes page number references to the Picture Dictionary for each word.


    Alutiiq Traditions Book

    You can purchase the Alutiiq Traditions book at the Alutiiq Museum Store or via their website. Within this introductory text about the Native culture of the Kodiak Archipelago are several one-page chapters on animals that are important to understanding the cultural significance of different indigenous and introduced animals to the Kodiak area.

    • Whaling, p. 15
    • Hunting Magic, p. 16
    • Birds as Resources, p. 17
    • Birds as Helping Spirits, p. 18
    • Land Otter - Aaquyaq, Sea Otter - Arhnaq, p. 19
    • Taquka'asinaq - The Great Bear, p. 20
    • Alutiiq Reindeer Herders, p. 21
    • Fishing through the Ages, p. 22




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