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Englum Ilua (N); Unglum Ilua (S) - Inside the House

Learning the Kodiak Alutiiq names for household objects is a good starting point for learners as they grow their language skills and practice speaking Alutiiq at home. There are several resources available to teach, learn, and practice household vocabulary:


"Englut; Unglut" Pages in the

Kodiak Alutiiq Picture Dictionary

Available in its second edition, the Kodiak Alutiiq Picture Dictionary or Qik'rtarmiut Sugpiat Niugneret book contains two pages on Kodiak Alutiiq household terms. Available for individual download are pages about "Houses," shown at right. The glossary for this book serves as the basis for the Online Alutiiq Dictionary launched through this site, which includes page number references to the Picture Dictionary for each word. 


Household Object Stickers

Originally created through the Alutiiq Museum Language Program, the Household Object Stickers set is intended to be printed on Avery Removable Laser Labels #6460, so that they can adhered (and later removed) to objects around your house or classroom. 


House Floorplan Identification

Used within the Kodiak High School Alutiiq Language class, this Floorplan slide is a simplified version of the Picture Dictionary floorplan. It is a helpful tool for learning room names with out all the clutter of all the other identified objects. The word list on the left column is then used to see if students can identify where different objects are located. To identify where objects are located (for example) ask "Naama engleq?" - "Where is the bed?" Then students should answer "Engleq qawarwigmi." - "The bed is in the bedroom." (Note ending change on the room name to indicate that the object is located in that room).




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