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NuumiRat - Numbers

Check out the Interactive Audio Slides.

There are several resources available to support Kodiak Alutiiq language learners in practicing numbers:



    Numbers Song

    Created through the Alutiiq Museum Language Program, sung to the tune of "Ten Little Indians," students can practice their numbers as they sing Qulen Alutiingcut. You can download a PDF of the lyrics.


    Numbers Poster

    Developed by the Alutiiq Museum Alutiiq Language Program, you can purchase a glossy poster of the Kodiak Alutiiq Numbers 1-10 at the Alutiiq Museum Store in Kodiak, or via their website.


    Numbers Flashcards, 8.5" x 11" Cards, & Presentation Files

    Developed by Alisha Drabek for the Kodiak High School Alutiiq Language class as Computer-based Presentation printouts, the following flashcards and full sheet cards can be used in various ways to practice the numbers 1-10.  The Mac Keynote and PowerPoint (may need reformatting upon download) files also can be used as a class presentations, including a series of number slides out of order to test learner memory of the numbers.


    "Numbers" Pages in the Kodiak Alutiiq Picture Dictionary

    Available in its second edition, the Kodiak Alutiiq Picture Dictionary or Qik'rtarmiut Sugpiat Niugneret book contains several pages on Kodiak Alutiiq numbers. Available for individual download are relevant pages on Numbers 1-25, Money, and Time. The glossary for this book serves as the basis for the Online Alutiiq Dictionary launched through this site, which includes page number references to the Picture Dictionary for each word.


Interactive Numbers Lesson


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