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Cuqllipet - Our Elders

Learning vocabulary is one step toward fluency. However, the best way to grow as an Alutiiq speaker is to talk to a fluent Alutiiq Elder. For novice learners of Alutiiq this can be intimidating. You may have something in mind that you want to say but know that you haven't quite mastered the correct case endings or tenses to say it. Our Elders are patient and eager to speak Alutiiq with us though. So, don't let embarrassment keep you from trying to speak Alutiiq with them. 

Here are a few key phrases to help get a conversation about going. They should be useful for talking about getting together or learning to say something that you are interested in:  


"Can I talk to my Elder?"  -  "Niugkauryuwaka cuqlliqa?" (N)  ili  "Yugkauryuwaka cuqlliqa?" (S)

"What are you doing?"  -  "Cali'it?"

"What are you doing?"  -  "Qayu pit?"

"Are you not doing anything? (Are you available)"  -  "Cali'kutan'tuten-qaa?"

"Do you have a lot of work?"  -  "Cali'irut'n-qaa?"

"Go ahead, talk to me.  Ask me."  -  "Qita, niugsnga.  Ap'snga."

"Speak to me in Alutiiq."  -  "Sugt'stun niukurlua."

"I have something to ask you."  -  "Caqimek apcuwamken."

"How do they call (say) ___________ in Alutiiq?"  -  "Cestun ap'rtaraat ___________ Sugt'stun?"

"Like this, huh?"  -  "Gwaten-qaa?"

"How do you say it again?"  -  "Cestun niugcit cali?" (N)  ili  "Cestun yugcit cali?" (S)

"What did you say? -  "Cestun niugcit?"

"What?  (Huh?)"  -  "Qayu?"

"I want to hear it again."  -  "Niicugtua, cali."

"I heard wrong (misunderstood)."  -  "Nicugtua."

"Do you want to come to class?"  -  "Taiyugtuten-qaa litnauwigmen?"

"When do you want to meet?"  -  "Qaku katurcugcit?"

"Where do you want to meet?"  -   "Nani katurcugcit?"

"I will come right now."  -  "Pianeq taiciqua."

"I will come tomorrow."  -  "Unuaqu taiciqua."

"I will pick you up (come get you)"  -  "Iwarciqamken."

"I don't have time available."  -  "Tekiuni'tentua."

"Do you understand?"  -  "Kangircuuten-qaa?"

"I understand you."  -  "Kangirciqamken."

"Thank you for your phone call."  -  "Quyanaa ka'iyaraurlua."

"Thank you for teaching me."  -  "Quyanaa litnaurlua."

"What are you doing tomorrow?"  - "Caliciqsit, unuaqu?"

"I will see you later."  -  "Tang'rciqamken ataku." 



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