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Llaami - Weather; Outside


"Llaami" Pages in the 

Kodiak Alutiiq Picture Dictionary

Available in its second edition, the Kodiak Alutiiq Picture Dictionary or Qik'rtarmiut Sugpiat Niugneret book contains two pages on Kodiak Alutiiq weather terms. Available for individual download is the page on Weather.

Weather Flashcards,

Quiz Handout, 8.5" x 11" Cards, &

Presentation Files

Developed by Alisha Drabek for the Kodiak High School Alutiiq Language class as computer-based presentation printouts, the following handoutflashcards, and full sheet cards can be used in various ways to practice Alutiiq weather terms. The Mac Keynote and PowerPoint (may need reformatting upon download) files also can be used as a class presentation. The two core questions at the top of most of these resources are "Cestun lla et'a?" or "Cestun et'a llaami?" - "What's the weather?"


"Cestun lla et'a?" - "What's the weather" Board Game

Intended as a simple learner group activity, this game board is useful to practice weather phrases from memory. Each player should have a game piece (borrowed from store bought game or coins or pebbles) and 1 dice.  Players can play to see who gets back to the start first or see how many times they can reach the end within a time frame. Players should be directed to only speak Alutiiq when playing, saying the Alutiiq numbers as they count their spaces and land the image of a weather scene. The board's starting point is labeled as "Aularniq" - "The start." The blank box is intended to represent foggy or overcast.


Llam Cimiyuca - Seasons (the weather's changes)

The four seasons in Alutiiq as depicted at right and attached here. The first page shows the season terms (from top left to bottom right) for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The second page shows the season endings for "in ____". The last page has the images with no text, so learners can practice the season terms.










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