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Wamqutat - Games

In addition to the games and activity resources located within the Lesson Pages on this website, there are other games that can be played in Alutiiq listed below. Each game listed includes the information and resources needed to successfully play at your next game night. 



    Kodiak Plants Scavenger Hunt in Alutiiq

    Click here to download a packaged game if you would like to play an Alutiiq plant scavenger hunt! Created by Gayla Pedersen, this activity can help you learn about local plants as well as their Alutiiq names!


    Kinam Pi'ki? - Who Dunnit? - "The Game of Clue"

    You can modify a Parker Brothers Clue game board and card set to create your own Alutiiq version of Clue. Use this vocabulary sheet for reference and to match the English to Alutiiq labels; print these Clue Stickers onto Avery Laser Labels #5160 and adhere them to your board and card sets. Then print these Clue Guess Cards for each player to use during the game to keep track of the clues you collect. We have also propvided a series of presentation slides or a page of study cards for classroom preparation.  


    Pingua - Bingo - "I got it"

    There are infinite word lists for bingo games to be played. Here is a set of actions score cards (with 25 variations to mix up the potential call list so not everyone wins at once). Here is the associated Alutiiq word call list. You can also make your own bingo sets at www.eslactivities.com/picturebingo.php. Use pennies, popcorn or other small objects for participants to mark each square that is called out in Alutiiq. For introduction of new vocabulary you can also use Pingua as a learning game by acting out the action at the same time as saying the word, so learners can find the associated picture on their score card as they learn the new word.


    Naama Kluucaten? - Where Are Your Keys?

    Using the Where Are Your Keys? Method developed by Evan Gardner, members of the Kodiak Alutiiq community are learning how to use the WAYK techniques and game to practice learning Alutiiq. Here is a video sample of an early "ride" or lesson chunk demonstrated by Alisha Drabek and April Counceller, sponsored by Kodiak College. The lesson features two basic nouns, yaamaq - rock and caskaq - cup, to teach basic grammar structures, using sign language with Alutiiq to support understanding and absorption of knowledge. 


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