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Posters have been created to visually cue learners into speaking Alutiiq. They may be printed out and posted around the house, office, or classroom to bring Alutiiq language into your daily routines.

Some of the posters that have been developed help learners perform basic conversation in Alutiiq, identify foods, colors, emotions, or items visible all around us on a daily basis. Click on the posters below to access a printable PDF and begin using these posters to help expand your Alutiiq vocabulary and conversational abilities. 

Alutiiq Values Poster

Animal Poster

Body Poster

Beach Poster

Calendar Poster

Classroom Questions Poster

Colors Poster

Colors Poster 2

Conversational Poster

Emotions Poster

Family Poster

House Poster

Kodiak Town Map

Maqiwik (Banya) Poster

Maqiwik (Banya) Poster 2

Opposites Poster

People Poster

Plant Habitats Poster

Questions Poster

Sewing Poster

Weather Poster

Valentines Day Poster


www.alutiiqlanguage.org is coordinated by Native Village of Afognak with support from the Alaska Humanities Forum, Administration for Native Americans, Native Village of Port Lions, Afognak Native Corporation, Koniag, and the Alutiiq Museum.