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Atuutet - Songs


**NEW** Check out the full list of videos on our Alutiiq Karaoke Channel on Vimeo.



 We are proud to announce our Alutiiq Songbook! This book features traditional and contemporary Alutiiq songs including sheet music and lyrics for each song. To use the Songbook, click the link below. Special thanks to author Peter Squartsoff and Quyanaa to all who contributed to this project. 


Alutiit Atuutet: Alutiiq Songs of the Kodiak Archipelago 


We have provided a series of Alutiiq song lyrics for learners to learn and practice. The authors or translators and organizations who developed these songs or song lyrics are credited at the bottom of each lyric sheet. Quyanaasinaq to all the lyricists and Elders who contributed over the years to develop this growing collection of Alutiiq Songs and teaching them throughout the region. We plan to post recordings and videos for each song, to assist in learning the songs as this site grows. 

Aturlita! - Let's all sing!      Atuut'ciqamken? - Will you sing with me?


Traditional Alutiiq Songs for Dance Performance

Neresta - Louse     Audio - Karaoke Video
Puqisqat - The Wise Men     Audio
Ukut Skuunat - These Schooners    Audio
Unuku - Tonight    Audio - Karaoke Video
Qikitat Iingalat - Bashful Eyes     Audio - Karaoke Video


Modern Songs

Aapit Atuun - The Alphabet Song    Audio - Karaoke Video
Alas'kaam Flagaa - Alaska's Flag Song     Audio - Dance Video
Arwam Atuutii - Whaling Song     Karaoke Video
Asgurluta - Bucking the Waves     Karaoke Video
Atgurts'kut - Happy and you know it     Audio
Cama'i Unuarpak - Welcome This Morning "Good Morning Song"    Audio
Cauyaqa Gui Ikuk'gka - My Drum, I Found It     Karaoke Video 
Cikmia Cikmia Agyangcuk - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star      Audio
Ellpet Macaqa - You Are My Sunshine     Audio
Englum Qainganun - Up On the Housetop     Audio
Ernerpak Suullriaten - Today You Were Born "Happy Birthday Song"    Audio
Gui Caininguangcuk - I'm a Little Teapot     Audio
Ilakutukut - We Are Family     Audio
Ilanka Agllriit Kayagun - My Family Is Going By Kayak     Audio
Imarmi Angayumeng-llu - On The Ocean With Friends     Audio
Kiak - Summer     Karaoke Video
Kiak Atuun - Summer Song      Audio
Miktengcuusqaq MiskiiRaq - Itsy Bitsy Spider      Audio
Nasquq Tuik Cisquk Angengquyut - Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes      Audio
Nepainani Unuk - Silent Night      Audio
Nuta'aq Quswasuuciq - A New Joy     Audio
Pisurtuq - He's Hunting     Audio
Qangyusinaq - Big Wave
Qayaq Atuun - Kayak Song     Karaoke Video
Qitenguq - It Is Raining     Audio
Qiteq, Qiteq, Awasaa - Rain, Rain, Go Away      Audio
Qulen Alutiingcut - Ten Little Alutiiqs      Audio - Karaoke Video
Quyanaa - Thank You     Karaoke Video Language Camp 2014 Video
Quyanaa Quyanaa - Thank You Song     Audio
Quyanaa Tailuci - Thank You All for Coming
Quyawiklluku - Be Grateful to Him     Karaoke Video
Staaman Palayat - Four Boats     Larry Matfay - Youtube
Taquka'aq Ag'llria - The Bear Went (Over the Mountain)      Audio
Tunngat Tang'rki - Watch The Puffins      Audio
Tuntut Taiyut - The Reindeer Are Coming     Audio
Ugai - Unity Song     Audio
Umiaqartaqa - I Remember It     Karaoke Video
Unguwallriat - Animals Song     Audio    Video



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