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The following sections represent a "roadmap" to learning Alutiiq at home, on your computer. Using the short lessons, or "rides" you can learn Alutiiq alone, or take the time to share Alutiiq with somebody else! Start playing and following the roadmap to see how much you can learn and where the lessons and videos take your language learning!

The rides represented in these short videos were adapted from a method of language teaching and learning called "Where Are Your Keys?". To find out more about this teaching and learning method please visit their site by following this link


Take a moment to watch the short introduction to Alutiiq "rides" to better understand the formatting of the videos. 



Now you are ready to start learning!  



      Additional Learning Resources 


Alutiiq Word of the Week

The Alutiiq Word of the Week (AWOTW) is one of the longest running programs at the Alutiiq Museum. Entering its 20th year in July of 2017, the AWOTW features an Alutiiq word, a sentence featuring that word, and a cultural lesson about the chosen word in Alutiiq culture. The AWOTW is available on public radio KMXT every Tuesday at 9 am, Saturdays at 5 pm, and Sunday at 12:25.  It is printed in the Kodiak Daily Mirror every Friday. The lessons are also emailed out every week, complete with a link to an audio file of a fluent Elder saying the Alutiiq word and sentence. To sign up for the AWOTW email broadcast, visit the Alutiiq Museum website or send an email to Amy Steffian, Chief Curator. You can also search the AWOTW Archives for past recordings and narratives about the selected word on the Alutiiq Museum's Website. 


Smart Phone & iPad gFlash Pro App

As described on the Lessons main page of this site, learners can access the language on your smart phone or iPad by downloading the gFlash Pro App.  Hear, learn, say, and test your skills on topics such as the alphabet, weather, commands, household objects, place names, emotions, body parts, family terms, opposites, and more...


Qbooks Alutiit'stun

The Native Village of Afognak, the Alutiiq Museum, in partnership with KIWA Media have produced a series of digital storybooks available through the iTunes store. Digital storybooks enable to user to have interacltive access to an Alutiiq speaker reading, prouncing, and spelling the words on the screen. Titles available include: 

  • Milly Molly I Love You
  • Angayumeng-llu Aiwiyukuk
  • Naama Amitatuk? 
  • Una Taquka'angcuk Ag'llria Kuigmen
  • Cuqllipak Iqalluk
  • Uksumuuq
  • And other titles

Check back for information on new titles! To find these titles search for "Alutiiq" or "Afognak" in the App Store.

Once you have practiced reading along on your device, try reading alone or reading another one of our books available on the "Books" link under the "Resources" tab.


www.alutiiqlanguage.org is coordinated by Native Village of Afognak with support from the Alaska Humanities Forum, Administration for Native Americans, Native Village of Port Lions, Afognak Native Corporation, Koniag, and the Alutiiq Museum.