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Video Lesson Themes

Kina ellpet?

This unit shows various ways of talking about people and possessions in Alutiiq.

Contains 7 videos >

First rides: Caqiq una?

The introduction to Alutiiq and Where Are Your Keys.

Contains 16 videos >


This unit should be learned after understanding the 'Kina ellpet?' unit. The 'Kinam?' unit will cover basic possessives using simple nouns.

Contains 5 videos >

Naama yaamaq?

This series of lessons introduces language for talking about location in Alutiiq.

Contains 18 videos >


This lesson introduces the Alutiiq verb.

Contains 9 videos >

Caskamek minarnga

This lesson introduces the Alutiiq transitive verb and its many endings. Not to worry, we'll cover them one small bit at a time!

Contains 5 videos >

Songs, games, and miscellaneous

A variety of fun videos that may use advanced language.

Contains 4 videos >


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