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Video Lesson: Caskamek minarnga


Minarnga, minamken, click to viewMinarnga, minamken

This ride introduces a transitive command (-rnga) and transitive ending (-mken).

Speaker 1: Yaamamek minarnga.
Speaker 2: Yaamamek minamken (giving the rock to Speaker 1).
Speaker 1: Quyanaa.
Speaker 3: Yaamamek minarnga.
Speaker 1: Yaamamek minamken (giving the rock to Speaker 3).
Speaker 3: Quyanaa.
Speaker 1: Quyanaituq.
Speaker 2: Yaamamek minarnga.
Speaker 3: Yaamamek minamken (giving the rock to Speaker 2).
(pass around)

Minaranga, minaraten, click to viewMinaranga, minaraten

This video shows two transitive endings for talking about what another person is doing in the present tense: -anga and -aten. Note how during the dialogue the rock continues to be held to illustrate how the event is happening in the present tense, or is happening right now.

Speaker 1: Minarnga.
Speaker 2: Yaamamek minamken (giving the rock to Speaker 1).
Speaker 1: (addressing Speaker 3) Candace-rem yaamamek minaranga.
Speaker 3: Candace-rem yaamamek minaraten?
Speaker 1: Aa'a.
Speaker 3: Minarnga. (Addressing Speaker 2) Michael-rem yaamamek minaranga.
Speaker 2: Aa'a. Michael-rem yaamamek minaraten. Minarnga. (Then addressing Speaker 1) Peter-rem yaamamek minaranga.
Speaker 1: Peter yaamamek minaraten?
Speaker 2: Aa'a, Peter-rem yaamamek minaranga.
(pass around)

Minaraa, click to viewMinaraa

This video shows the third-person, present tense ending -aa.

Sneaky speaker: Michael-rem Peter yaamamek minaraa. Peter-rem Michael yaamamek minaraa.
(continue narration)

Minarkii, click to viewMinarkii

This video introduces the third person past tense of the verb minar-.

Sneaky speaker: Michael-rem Peter caskamek minarkii. Peter-rem Michael caskamek minarkii. Michael-rem Peter yaamamek minarkii.
(pass around)


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